• Step01

    Download pc wallet to the official website(www.mmsnet.net)

  • Step02

    Find The MMSNET.exefile after decompression and install it

  • Step03

    Open MMSNET and click the Start button

  • Step04

    Synchronize block heights

  • Step05

    Click aloudstorage to enter the cloud storage interface

  • Step06

    Click add storage to enter the contribution storage interface

  • Step07

    Select the folder where the coucher needs to be stored and the amount of ocntributed storage space

  • Step08

    Returncloudstorage examineStored Dig,One contribution is 10G

  • Step09

    Return to the main interface,wait for the latest block and get rewards

    Please note:the total amount you dug out is the available balance and the total amount released by locking the warehouse

Smart Services

PC wallet

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