IBOX Set to Launch Multi-Service Network Community for Its V

The MMS public chain network is a high-quality public chain to build a next-generation credible and win-win Internet andachieve a green ecology. It can provide ecological resources for next-generation Internet applications, including networkbandwidth, data storage, cloud computing, users, contracts, and security.
IBOX is all set to launch its brand-new multi-service network community. Developed by this technologicalinnovation company, the service is about to be tested on the entire network. As of 2020, the total number of usershas exceeded 6.5 million, and the research and development of computing power chips have deepenedblockchain technology.
The company focuses on blockchain technology research and core technology innovation. They jointly createdthe "SIR826A" chip in partnership with Matrix Elements. It has been applied in actual products. At the same time, itactively promotes the development of blockchain applications and provides blockchain solutions and productsfor customers in various industries.
“At present, the company is developing smart home products and is expected to raise Round A of funding at theend of the year. IBOX decided to enter the blockchain industry in 2018 and establish its blockchain technologyresearch and development team. It has taken three years to build a public chain independently developed byIBOX (MMS)”, says a spokesperson for IBOX.
The MMS public chain network is a high-quality public chain to build a next-generation credible and win-winInternet and achieve a green ecology. It can provide ecological resources for next-generation Internetapplications, including network bandwidth, data storage, cloud computing, users, contracts, and security. The
MMS network solves the four major problems of the current Internet: unfair distribution of Internet applicationbene=ts, crude Internet content, Internet insecurity, and Internet information explosion.
The company understands that the current MMS network has developed an on-chain domain name service chain.This is an anonymous network, with nodes connected through routing algorithms. The MMS domain name service
solves the problem of target address query, allowing users to access the speci=ed application node through thedomain name of the MMS network, and use the service provided by the application node.
The services provided by application nodes are diverse and theoretically include all functions on the internet,including web services, search services, taxi services, shopping services, etc. Unlike the internet, once the MMS
domain name is bound to a node, a homepage belonging to the node will be automatically generated and users inthe MMS network can view the public information of the node through this domain name.
“Our and goal is to reward and appreciate content creators through tokenization. We hope to create an earningcommunity which miners earn by providing storage space. We will provide safe and secure data protection andnetwork with the end-to-end encrypted decentralized anonymous messenger. All messages will be =ltered toavoid phishing and scam”, says a spokesperson for IBOX.
IBOX was established in 2009. Today, it is a technological innovation company with an international perspective,striving for innovation and breakthroughs, and all-around cross-platform technology. Its main focus is on thedevelopment and application of the underlying blockchain, committed to providing exclusive blockchain solutionsand implementation for various industries, and empowering them with the help of the blockchain industry.
Located in Dubai, IBOX is the largest manufacturer of smart set-top boxes in the Middle East. Until 2019, it wasmainly engaged in the smart home business, used by nearly 3.2 million users in the UAE, Turkey, and the MiddleEast.
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