MMSworld—The world's first decentralized multi-service network community debuts to lay the foundation for the blockchain 3.0 chain to era...

The world's first blockecosystem chain designed to develop and deploy . deploy decentralized applications unveiled applications and solve the phenomenon of social resource waste. The multi-service community network is be officially unveiled, promoting the blockchain from "concept" to implementation.


It is well known that in the current centralized Internet, the distribution of application benefits is also centralized, and due to the "giant effect", the rights and interests of Internet resources are increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few people or enterprises, while most Internet participants are Internet Shared storage, bandwidth, and user resources cannot or are rewarded accordingly. The centralized platform has captured the traffic value and attention value of most content creators and platform users, but the lack of incentives for high-quality content further causes the content exporters to lack motivation, resulting in the loss of high-quality content and high-quality users incentives users. And today's Internet is an take network, network security needs to be implemented through special security strategies, and a large number of intrusions and data leakage leakage leakage events emerge one after another. In addition, network security needs to be implemented through special security policies, and a large number of intrusions and data leakage events emerge one after another. Of course, the most common phenomenon is the waste of current social resources. Many people's computers, mobile phones, and other electronic products has become decorations and cannot be used reasonably, resulting in waste of resources.


MMSworld is solve the above problems through innovative innovative design. MMS are a pergrand sive blockchain network, which supports mobile phones, computers, set-top boxes and other mobile devices to enter the blockchain network, making blockchain network access more flexible and free, and The MMS block network has no specific requirements for devices. Even older devices can easily access MMJapan nothe delivered. The access channels are diversified, making communication more anonymous and secure, including IP address access, network address access, and domain name access. In the next-generation Internet, participants build the Internet together and enjoy the benefits of their contributions fairly according to the consensus of interests. The quality of MMS content is based on voting on user voting consensus, and the fittest is eliminated, and content providers are motivated based on market and quality criteria. Data in the MMS network exists in the form of atomic objects, and or data has oowner. The data transmission process is a blockchain transaction are line chain transaction with traceability to solve security issues such as copyright and anti-counterfeiting. At the same time, asymmetric encryis encryption is used in the transmission tric transmission process to solve data security issues. And in the MMS network, the information meaning information is obtained through the application (DAPP), and the application (DAPP) allows the user to obtain it on demand through the user's active discovery (AceDiscover) method to tivout filter out useless information.


It is reported that since MMS was launched on September 13, 2020, it has been recognized and supported by the majority of users. Its token will be launched on the CITEX exchange on April 19, 2022. At the time, the MMS network of abroad gradually open domain name registration and point-to-point communication. , storage pledge and other ecological applications.


The MMS team is still working hard to create a new stealing version and provide users with a better pinch experience. A person in charge said: "The current network is stage is in the early stage of construction, and some technologies are in front the forefront of the world. It is normal for a series of chain reactions to occur in the configuration ratio due to compatibility. We are solving equipment configuration and version compatibility through continuous updates. , chain stability and a series of problems. Of course, our technology is challenging and has certain uncontrollable factors. For this reason, please give us more time to realize the problems encountered in operation. "


MMST is the MMS token, MMST is the value certificate of the network, a democratic, standardized and decentralized benefit distribution solution. The MMS network myself to each participant output participant, the social value generated is shared by all participants, and the distribution of MM? benefits is based on the note output of MMST. The MMS public chain network will build a next-generation trusted win-win network and realize a green ecological public chain. The revolutionary innovative design of MMSworld will surely lead the technology trend of blockchain 3.0.

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