MMSNetwork Upgrade Notice

Dear partner:

Thank you for following along. Since the launch of MMSNetwork for eight months, in order to bring you a better experience, we have been constantly updating and upgrading.

Due to the instability of the chain, we sincerely apologize. Regarding the unsatisfactory performance of the chain, we will do a large-scale upgrade in the near future. We sincerely thank you for your support and understanding.

Below, we will give you a detailed report on the chain upgrade.

chain upgrade

Light nodes did not receive rewards:

We have opened a secondary voting system based on the principle of conscious mutual trust. The original intention is to hope that all community nodes can be impartial and selfless.

However, we have received feedback from some partners that their voting income has never been rewarded. For this reason, we have conducted a complete data rollback survey on the chain.

It boils down to two factors:

chain factor

We need to take the main responsibility for this factor, because of the instability of the chain, resulting in:

1. Synchronization is difficult,

2. Consolidation of large-value transfers

Human Factors

1. Some community nodes do not distribute rewards to partners on the pretext of being unable to synchronize or merge

2. Community nodes privately use rewards to vote or trade for themselves

This factor makes the MMSNetwork credit mechanism not maximized and has adverse effects

To avoid this behavior, we will pause the chain at altitude 1600000 for the upgrade and make the following adjustments:

1. Balance deflation

The chain data is deflated, the total amount of issuance remains unchanged, and the circulating balance of all wallets is 1/10 before the upgrade

2. Voting reward locked

Before the reward is distributed, any identity has no right to be used, and the principle of fairness, justice and openness is reflected to a greater extent through the mechanism.

3 open source code

After the upgrade, we will partially open source the code, and MMSNetwork will officially become a public chain.

4. Open Witness Node Construction

After this upgrade, we will open the construction method of witness nodes, and any partner who meets the conditions can build them freely.

Brand upgrade

Of course, in addition to the chain upgrade, we will also comprehensively upgrade the brand (including but not limited to the official website, domain name, block browser, self-media, PC wallet, mobile wallet, etc.)


The upgrade is expected to be completed within 10 working days.

After the upgrade, the frozen part of the node is all zeroed. All witness nodes, community nodes, and light nodes will be cancelled, and the pledge vote will be returned to the original address according to the deflation rate.

There is no need to register a new wallet after the upgrade, please use the previous private key to import. And re-apply for the node to obtain the corresponding identity and reward.

I am very happy to announce that this upgrade will be a new milestone for MMSNetwork, and everyone will enter a new experience.

And we will open the first MMSNetwork on-chain application soon, so stay tuned.

For more surprises, please pay attention to the official website (

We hope that our partners and us will work together to realize more applications of MMSNetwork as soon as possible.

We apologize if our work bothers you.

We will still continue to work hard to provide more rewards for your participation. We welcome your valuable comments on our work.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us in time.

Contact Email:

MMSNerwork will reserve the final interpretation right of this upgrade.

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